There are two different options for ground wheels on chain link rolling gates; rubber wheels or a v-groove wheel.

Rubber Wheels: Rubber wheels are intended to roll freely over any type of terrain but remember it's only as good as the ground it's rolling on. If you have rocky, sandy, or uneven ground under your rolling gate it will make opening and closing your gate very difficult. If you have smooth hard packed level dirt or concrete the rubber wheels work alright, but you often will still need to help guide the gate into the latch which isn't ideal but if you aren't using the gate too often it may not be of concern. This option is the cheaper of the two and the more common for that reason but it will take two hands and a little muscle to use. 

Angle/V-groove Wheel: Angle/v-groove option is the preferred method because the gate guides perfectly in the exact same spot every time you open and close the gate. Now, for this option to work you must have concrete across the gate opening for the angle/v-track to bolt to. If you don't have a concrete driveway or your concrete driveway doesn't reach the gate opening we can quote you to pour a small concrete strip that works perfect for the cause, of course this is an additional cost as well. This option is slightly more expensive but often well worth it and requires very little effort to use. The other plus about this setup is if you ever want to install a gate operator the only way that will work is to have the angle/v-groove setup. Remember we don't install any of the gate operator/motors but we can refer you to a company that specializes in them.