If you’re interested in chain link gate installation for your home, you’ll first need to decide which type of gate is best suited to your needs. There are numerous options to choose from. 


Walk Thru/Pedestrian Gate

4'x5' walk gate


This is the most affordable and convenient option to use for simply getting from one side of the chain link fence to the other. Walk gates are most often placed along the fence line or next to the house for easy access from the front yard to the backyard. These gates range from 3’-6’ in width, and our most common size is 4’ wide.



Double Swing/Drive-Thru Gate

chain link fence and gate for animals


This is the most affordable type of chain link gate installation for cars and trucks. Double swing gates range from 10’-20’ in width, and our most common size is 12’-16’ wide.


  • This is the most affordable vehicle gate, perfect for buyers who are concerned about chain link gate pricing.
  • Rocky ground and rough asphalt don’t affect this gate because it doesn’t touch the ground. 
  • This lightweight gate swings open and closed with little strength or effort.



  • The grade beneath the gate should be relatively level for swing clearance.
  • In windy conditions, gates can get blown around when in use; this can be fixed with gate holdbacks.
  • Drop rods can be finicky after years of use.
  • If the gate is slammed, it’s easy for hinges to spin out of adjustment; this is usually easy to fix.
  • Gates are known to sag with heavy abuse.
  • Installing a gate operator is usually not practical on this type of gate.


We recommend this gate if you have rough ground or anticipate infrequent use.


Rolling Gate

customized chain link gateroller on chain link gate


This type of chain link gate installation is ideal for main driveways where the gate opening is flat and positioned above concrete. We can mount a strip of angle iron along the concrete to ensure that the gate rolls perfectly into the latch every time. This does increase the cost a bit, but it’s well worth it in the long run, as the wheels last longer and the gate operates with less effort. 



  • You can open and close the gate, even if a vehicle is right behind or in front of it. 
  • The gate will never accidentally swing and hit a car because it rolls parallel to the fence.
  • Most roll gates are single; unlike with a double-swing gate, you only have to operate a single gate.
  • You can easily add a gate operator with the addition of an angle iron, v-groove wheel, and tail.
  • The gate frame pipe is larger than that of a double-swing gate.


  • It works best over concrete foundations, so it’s not ideal for every property. 
  • It’s less cost-effective than some other solutions. 


We recommend this gate if you have a smooth, flat, hard surface (ideally concrete) for the gate to roll on. 


Pinch Roller Gate

professionally installed chain link gatechain link fence gateinstalling a rolling gate


This type of gate is ideal when you need an opening larger than 22'. This single-rolling gate operates smoothly with little to no maintenance.



  • A concrete strip covers the entire width of the opening. An angle iron can be mounted to the concrete to ensure that the gate opens and closes perfectly straight and in line with the fence every time.
  • The pinch rollers and angle iron are the only parts that come into contact with the gate so you can depend on trouble-free operation.
  • The gate is made out of heavy-duty SS-20 material to help stiffen up the excessive length of the structure.
  • There are no wheels and no pipe track that can fall out of alignment, which means that anyone can open and close the gate without frustration.



  • This type of chain link gate installation requires a concrete strip double the width of the gate opening, which adds to the overall price.
  • The gate is slightly heavy due to the excessive length and the added strength of the material used, but it will still roll extremely smoothly.
  • Most gate operators only open as wide as 22’; however, higher-end commercial units are available for an added cost.
  • The gate area needs to be within 2% of level.


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