Walk Thru/Pedestrian Gate:
4'x5' walk gate
-This is the most affordable and convenient gate to use for simply getting from one side of the fence to the other.  
-Most often walk gates are placed in the fence line where sidewalks are or up next to the house for ease of use walking around the house from the front yard to the backyard.
-Walk gate sizes range from 3’-6’ in width and our most common size is 4’ wide.
Double swing/drive thru gate:
chain link fence and gate for animals
-This is the most affordable type of gate to get a car or truck thru.
-Double swing gates range from 10’-20’ in width, our most common is 12’-16’ wide.
Pros of double swing gates:
-most affordable vehicle gate
-rocky ground or rough asphalt doesn’t affect gate, gate doesn’t touch ground
-light weight, swing open and close with little strength/effort
-Cons of double swing gates:
-grade under the gate should be relatively level for swing clearance 
-in windy conditions gates can get blown around when in use, this can be fixed with gate holdbacks.
-drop rods can be finicky over years of use
-if gate gets slammed it is easy for hinges to spin out of adjustment, but usually easy to fix
-gates are known to sag if heavy abuse is used
-installing a gate operator is usually not practical on this type of gate
We recommend this gate if infrequent use and/or rough ground is present.
Rolling gate:
customized chain link gateroller on chain link gate
-This type of gate is ideal for main drive ways where the gate opening is flat and concrete is underneath the gate opening.  More often than not rolling gates get a bad rap for wheels hanging up and gates not rolling straight into the gate latch, this can be solved!  A rolling gate works hands down the best WHEN there is concrete underneath the gate to mount a strip of angle iron down for the gate to track on.  Doing this does bring added cost but is well worth it, the wheels will last longer and much less effort is used when opening and closing the gate.  Angle iron provides the consistent open and close alignment of the gate, similar to a train riding on train tracks if you will. 
-Pros of rolling gate:
-Vehicle can be right in front or behind gate and you can still open/close the gate.
-Gate will never accidentally swing and hit a car, because it rolls parallel to fence.
-Most roll gates are single; opposed to a double swing gate where you have to technically open two gates.
-Potential to add a gate operator with addition of angle iron, v-groove wheel, & tail.
-Gate frame pipe is larger than that of a double swing gate
We recommend this gate if you have a smooth flat hard surface (ideally concrete) for the gate to roll on and daily use is needed.  This gate will always work best if there is concrete under the gate opening in which case we can mount the angle iron track so the gate alignment is consistent and perfect, price reflects these options.
Pinch Roller gate:
professionally installed chain link gatechain link fence gateinstalling a rolling gate
-This type of gate is used when you need an opening larger than 22' and want a single rolling gate that operates smooth with little to no maintenance or problems.
-Concrete strip on entire width of opening; PLUS entire width gate rolls back to, therefore, angle Iron can be mounted to concrete to ensure gate opens and closes perfectly straight to latch and in line with fence.
-Pinch rollers and angle iron are the only parts the gate comes into contact with; which is why this is such a trouble free operation.
-Gate is made out of a heavy duty SS-20 material to help stiffen up the long length of the gate.
-No wheels or pipe track to get out of alignment, which means the wife and kids can open and close the gate without frustration! 
-Needs a concrete strip double the width of the gate opening which adds to the overall price.
-Gate is still slightly heavy due to added strength of material used and overall length, but even though gate is heavy; gate will roll extremely smooth.
-Most gate operators only open max width of 22’; however, higher end commercial units are available but can also be rather expensive.
-Gate area needs to be within 2% of level.