Commercial Pinch Roller Gate Build

A professional rolling gate installation gives you a wider entryway to your fenced property that is still easy to open and close, even for a lone individual. Popular in commercial gate installation, rolling gates open and close laterally along a metal rail rather than swinging open like standard gate panels. From truck lots to tow yards, they’re a great way to ease access without compromising security.

Quality Commercial Fencing

We complete every rolling gate installation using commercial-grade chain link fence materials, which gives you a strong fence with a point of entry you can count on.

We start by creating the cement bed the angle v-track is mounted to. This gives you a smooth, flat, durable track for the gate to roll on. Once the concrete is set and the rail mounted, we hang and secure the commercial rolling gate to allow free movement along its path of travel, making it perfect for manual or automatic opening.  This functionality is great for gates larger than 22’ in length.

Contractors You Can Trust

As one of the top commercial fence companies, we have a track record of providing custom-designed fencing solutions for many of the business and government installations you drive by every day in the High Desert area.

Contact us to make an appointment with one of our commercial gate installation specialists, who will speak to you about the dimensions of your property and how economical commercial fencing can be. Call All American Fence Erectors about chain link fence rolling gate installation.

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