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Fence Gate Installation


Your chain link fence is only as secure as the pedestrian or vehicle gate that closes it. We offer custom-built gate installation that can fit all fences and the land they sit on. We offer a wide range of chain link and privacy chain link gates, and each one starts out in our 5,000 square-foot facility as raw materials.


Before fence gate installation, our staff will come out and measure your existing fence or the gate opening for a new fence. Each gate is cut, notched, and welded so you get a gate that is as durable and secure as the rest of your fencing.

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The Right Gate for You


With our fence gate installation services, we can build anything from 4-foot walk-through pedestrian gates and 12-foot double swing vehicle gates to 20-foot rolling gates, and every size in between. Double swing gates are great if you need vehicle access and they may be less expensive than a rolling gate of equivalent in size. If your ground quality is hard and smooth, then rolling gates are perfect as a vehicle opening used on a daily basis, even on wide driveways when using a “pinch roller” style gate. For driveways larger than 22-feet wide, the installation of 2 rolling gates that meet in the middle of the opening is attractive and easy to use.


Fence Gate Installation Done Right


At All American Fence Erectors, we realize that when you contact us for gate help, you want upfront pricing information, an excellent selection of fencing materials, a schedule that will fit your needs, and top-tier workmanship. That’s why we’ve built our fence gate installation process around these four core areas.


How to Install a Fence Gate with All American Fence Erectors

When we arrive at your location, we’ll ask you several questions about the property’s existing gate or fence, if you have one. Then, we’ll start our inspection of the fence and/or the property requiring fencing. 

Note that if you’re not sure of your property line, we’ll help you to determine it. We’ll also handle the underground process and contact your utility, phone, and gas companies to ensure that we don’t strike any public lines while setting posts. All in all, we’ll make the gate installation process as seamless as possible for you, our valued customer, from beginning to end.

If you’d like to know more about gate installation, check out our FAQs for "Chain Link Gates 101" or call to schedule a quote from one of our fencing professionals today.

Installation Process: 
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  • Get written estimate
  • Sign contract
  • Schedule start date
  • 2-4 weeks to start
  • Day 1 set posts
  • 2-4 business days in between setting posts and stretching wire/hanging gates
  • Day 2 stretch wire and or hang gates
Why Choose This?: 
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  • Allows easier access to your property
  • Practical

Upon getting a written quote from our salesmen and once the contract has been signed, we would then schedule a date to start. Our busyness at that particular time will determine how long it will be before we can get rolling on your project. Most jobs take one day to set all the posts, then one day to stretch all the wire and hang the gates.

NOTE: Usually, 2-4 business days between start and finish date for the concrete to cure properly and for time to build your gate(s).


  • 16x5 double swing
  • 4'x4' walk gate
  • Gate Installation

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