Privacy Vinyl Fence

Privacy vinyl fence is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It’s primarily erected to enclose outdoor spaces and provide property owners with privacy. The PVC is mixed with special components to give these fences exceptional durability, weatherability, and impact strength.

Vinyl is a crowd favorite for its “white picket fence” feel minus the care costs associated with wood. It won’t blister, rot, warp, or split like wood. Neither will it corrode or rust like aluminum. Once you erect a white vinyl privacy fence, its brightness will persist for years, provided you use a proper vinyl cleaner to keep it neat. Besides white, we offer tan, and a mix of white and tan privacy vinyl fences to suit your needs.

Installation Process: 
  • Get a written estimate
  • Sign the contract
  • Schedule the start date (often one to two weeks post-contract signing)
  • One day to set out and do excavations
  • One day to put the posts in the holes, set them, and concrete the bases
  • 24 hours for the concrete to cure
  • One day to install rails, panels, caps, and hang gates

Upon getting a written quote from our sales team and once the contract has been signed, we schedule a start date based on our ongoing jobs and staff availability. Our privacy vinyl fence jobs typically start and conclude within four business days.

Why Choose This?: 

As highlighted earlier, vinyl has several advantages over other fencing materials like wood and metal. Below is a breakdown of some of the reasons you need to erect a vinyl fence:

  • It’s more affordable than block wall
  • It provides the same privacy that block wall does
  • It outlasts wood
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It passes the pool code
  • You get a fence that’s visually identical and appealing on both sides

You can choose between a white vinyl privacy fence, a tan fence, or get a custom mix of the two

  • 6' privacy vinyl fence white
  • 6' privacy vinyl fence white/tan
  • 6' privacy vinyl fence tan