Pinch Roller Gate

A pinch roller gate is the perfect chain link fence assembly for larger openings and commercial properties in need of extra-wide entry and hassle-free operation. This type of commercial rolling gate features an opening larger than 22 feet and operates smoothly every time. At All American Fence Erectors, we specialize in this unique style of fencing, and we can custom-fabricate it according to your needs. 
Our Custom Chain Link Fence Gates 
These roller gates are designed with a concrete strip that spans the entire width of the opening. An angle iron is mounted to the concrete to ensure that the gate slides open and closed at the perfect angle each time. 
The gate is operated and secured exclusively by the pinch rollers and angle iron, so there are few moving parts that can cause maintenance issues. There are no pipe tracks that can fall out of alignment, and there are no electrical components that can malfunction or break down. 
Best of all, our roller gates are made from a strong material that provides sturdiness for the full length of the gate.  
Order Your Pinch Roller Gate 
All American specializes in custom gate installation in the High Desert, and we’re one of the only fence companies in the region that offers these roller gates. If you think you would benefit from this type of installation, contact us today to receive your free estimate. We look forward to working with you. 
  • chain link roller gate and fencing
     chain link roller gate and fencing
  • roller gate and chain link fencing
     roller gate and chain link fencing
  • Steel Chain Link Fencing Hesperia
    5' Chain Link, 16' Rolling Gate with Angle Iron & V-groove Wheel Steel Chain Link Fencing Hesperia
  • Metal Fencing Victorville
    Pinch Roller Gate-4 Metal Fencing Victorville
  • chain link roller gate
     chain link roller gate
  • roller gate
     roller gate
  • Pinch Roller Gate-3
    Pinch Roller Gate-3 Pinch Roller Gate-3
  • chain link pinch roller gate
     chain link pinch roller gate
  • Steel Chain Link Fencing High Desert
    Single rolling gate Steel Chain Link Fencing High Desert
  • Pinch Roller Gate
    Pinch Roller Gate Pinch Roller Gate
  • Pinch Roller Gate
     Pinch Roller Gate
  • Double Pinch Roller Gate
     Double Pinch Roller Gate
  • close up of chain link roller gate
     close up of chain link roller gate