Installing a Chain Link Fence Gate

Installing Chain Link Fence Gate

You should look forward to installing a chain link fence gate on your property for a couple of reasons. First, it will help to give your property the protection it needs against outsiders. And second, it will add an aesthetic element to your property. But if you don’t install it correctly, you won’t achieve either of these goals. 

Fortunately, that’s where we at All American Fence Erectors come in. In this video, we’ll walk you through the fence gate installation process so that you can enjoy having a fence and gate that meet your needs. 

How to Install a Gate in a Chain Link Fence

One of the hallmarks of a poorly installed fence gate is a bad gap between the doors that prevents you from being able to use the drop rod properly. In addition, you may notice that the gate doors are floppy, as all of the hinges are out of adjustment. However, when the fence gate installation process is properly executed, you can overcome all of these issues.

A professional installer will make sure that your gate offers an opening that is large enough for foot traffic or your vehicle to exit and enter as needed. At the same time, the installer will ensure that the gap is tight, as this will help to keep feral animals and trespassers out. It will also help you to keep your pets and loved ones safe on your property. A properly installed gate will furthermore swing correctly to keep your property secure and functional.

In our video, we’ll highlight the process that we at All American Fence Erectors use for hanging gates, measuring gaps, and adjusting these gaps. This is all necessary to set up fence gates that will open smoothly and provide the security our customers need.

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