Installing a Chain Link Fence Gate

Installing a Chain Link Fence Gate

Installing a chain link fence gate properly is the perfect way to finish your High Desert fence, leaving a secure and eye-catching barrier around your home’s perimeter. 

Of course, the gate needs to offer a large enough opening for your vehicle or foot traffic to enter and exit. However, it’s important that when the gate is closed that gaps are tight enough to keep out trespassers and feral animals, keeping your family and pets safely inside. Proper swing gate installation is needed for a functional and secure yard.

Creating The Perfect Gate

In this video, we show you our proven process for installing a chain link fence gate. We cover how we hang it, measure the gaps, and adjust those gaps for a secure gate that swings open smoothly. We also custom-build gates at our manufacturing facility, so you get the perfect panel for your swing gate installation.

Professional Installation Services

For over 30 years, we’ve been the top chain link fence installers in the area, and we can use that expertise to create a fence that beautifies and protects your property. Call now for an appointment to meet with one of our fencing specialists who will talk to you about your fencing needs and design a barrier for your property that’s economical and secure. Contact All American Fence Erectors for a free estimate.

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