• Gate Installation
  • Old broken gate
  • 16x5 double swing
  • 4'x4' walk gate
  • Gate Installation
  • We carry an assortment of stock size chain link gates

Gate Installation

We offer a wide range of chain link and privacy chain link gates.  We custom make all our gates in our 5,000 sq ft building to ensure proper fit and overall look.  All our gates are cut, notched and welded.  We can build anything from 4’ walk through pedestrian gates, 12’ double swing gates, 20’ rolling gates, and every size in between.  Double swing gates are often times less expensive than that of a rolling gate equivalent in size.  Double swings are great if you need vehicle access but may not use it that frequently.  If ground quality is hard and smooth, then rolling gates are perfect for your main vehicle opening that will get used on a daily basis.  If you have a driveway larger than 22' we can install 2 rolling gates that meet in the middle of the opening. Or if you want 1 single rolling gate for your extra wide driveway, a "pinch roller gate" could be the best option if you have plenty of level ground to work with.  

Click here for "Chain Link Gates 101"

Installation Process: 
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  • Get written estimate
  • Sign contract
  • Schedule start date
  • One-Two weeks to start
  • Day 1 set posts
  • 2-4 business days in between setting posts and stretching wire/hanging gates
  • Day 2 stretch wire and or hang gates

Upon getting a written quote from our salesmen and once the contract has been signed, we would then schedule a date to start. Depending on how busy we are at that particular time, will depend on how long it would take us to start. Most Jobs take one day to set all the posts, then one day to stretch all the wire and hang the gates.

NOTE: Usually, 2-4 business days between start and finish date for the concrete to cure properly and for time to build your gate(s).

Why Choose This?: 
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  • Allows easier access to your property
  • Practical