China Lake Base Military Fences



When it comes to the level of security required in and around military operations, the experienced contractors at All American Fence Erectors are the best choice for meeting your military fence needs. With over thirty years of experience in the business, we are confident in our unique ability to provide your facility with the most secure commercial gates and fences.

Commercial Fencing Built to Last

Long-lasting and impenetrable security is our top priority. We are honored to design and build a top-notch military fence that effectively guards your facility, giving you the freedom to monitor access with great caution. 


All American Fence’s standard commercial fencing materials consist of sturdy nine gauge mesh with schedule 40 posts and top rail. Our commercial gates and fences are made of galvanized steel to eliminate the risk of trespassers. 


We also offer the option to customize your military fence with the addition of barb wire or razor ribbon where necessary to further ensure the protection of your facility. We are prepared to do the job for any space you need, regardless of difficult or unusual dimensions.


If you’re a High Desert area local, you’ve surely seen our work in schoolyards, parks, and government buildings. Our highly-skilled team doesn’t take lightly our duty to keep our community safe, and All American Fence is confident in our ability to do just that.

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