Commercial Security Fences for the Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base



All American Fence Erectors has been the High Desert Area’s go-to choice for building fences for over thirty years. Throughout our time in the business, we’ve had the pleasure of creating secure and durable chain link fences for not only clients with residential needs but a wide variety of commercial projects, including commercial security fences for the US government.

Keeping America Safe

We understand the need for heightened security measures on military bases, and our highly-skilled contractors are ready to deliver their expertise to your base. Our team strives to make your fencing exactly what you’re looking for. For example, All American Fence offers you the option to add barb wire or razor ribbon to all enclosures where you find further security features necessary. Additionally, we can install custom gates that allow controlled ingress and egress. 


The pros at All American Fence are confident in our ability to provide security and create safer, more private places for the military with our long-lasting commercial security fence.

Experience Matters

Experience matters, and we have it. With years under our belt that other commercial fence companies may lack, All American Fence is the right choice for your commercial security fence project.  

We aim to keep the community safer and support our military, whether that applies to specific needs outdoors or inside buildings, in asphalt or coring through concrete. We are eager to get started on your enclosure. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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