One of the Top Commercial Fencing Companies

As one of the top commercial fencing companies in the High Desert area, we’ve created secure fencing installations for business and government properties you drive by every day. Commercial fencing needs to stand up to more demands than residential fencing. With high-value property, a need for increased liability mitigation, and a higher level of security concerns, professionally installed fencing that supports your facility without hindering it is a must.

Strong, Durable Security

Experienced commercial fencing companies like ours can ensure you get the long-lasting barrier you need to protect your property and personnel. Commercial fencing is taller and stronger, using sturdy steel fence posts and a wire mesh made of a thicker gauge to better resist damage from the elements, wildlife, and trespassers. 


Versatile gate installation options make it easy to choose the right opening for equipment of any size, while ensuring that the gate remains both easy to operate and secure. For high-security areas, razor wire can easily be added as a visible deterrent and added protection.

Experienced Security Fencing Professionals

This maintenance-free fencing solution requires fewer man-hours to inspect and maintain. Trust your facility’s barrier to a company with decades of experience building fencing structures in this unique environment. Contact our specialists today for a consultation about your fencing needs and a free quote from one of the most trusted commercial fencing companies around, All American Fence Erectors.

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