How Tall Can My Fence Be?

Every city/county has different fence height rules/codes, so it is always best to check with your city or county to know for sure. Most cities in the High Desert allow for 4’ max height in front and 6’ max height in the rear of the house. San Bernardino County allows for 4’ max chain link fence height in front and 6’ max height in rear of the house, EXCEPT in "RC" (resource conservation) and "RL" (rural living) land-use zoning where you can go as tall as 5' tall in the front yard. Many homes do have taller fences in the front yard than allowed by code, but it is always the responsibility of the homeowner if a problem occurs. So, how high can a fence be in California?

The Town of Apple Valley

The Town of Apple Valley has adopted a new ordinance that states any home built after June of 2007 in zones R-SF and R-EQ CANNOT have any chain link fence in the front or front street side yards. Click the "Apple Valley fence height" links below to read more if this pertains to you. Check the APPLE VALLEY ZONING MAP to see which zone you fall in. Remember the new ordinance is only for homes built AFTER June of 2007. Yes, this seems very impractical as thousands of homes already have front yard chain links, and your neighbor's house that was built in 2006 can have something your new home can't: very unfortunate.

The City of Victorville

NOTE: The City of Victorville amended their front yard chain link code in Feb. 2015, lots under 1/2 acre in select areas are NOT allowed to have chain link in the front yard regardless of fence height. The zoning that you are allowed to have chain link in the front yard is R-1B 1/2 (1/2 acre or more of land). You also are NOT allowed to fence in bare land on residential property in the City of Victorville. CITY OF VICTORVILLE ZONING MAP

City/County Information Links

Are you still wondering how high a fence can be in California? For your convenience, click the links below for local city info on chain link fence height:

Apple Valley



San Bernardino


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