Fence Post Installation Day

Fence Post Installation Day

Fence post installation is an important part of creating a stable, durable chain link privacy fence. As one of the top fence post companies near the High Desert area, we have experience installing chain link fence posts that stand up to anything the weather can throw at them. With our privacy options, you can get a fence that adds value to your property while still providing the security and privacy you want to keep your family and pets safe. 


Made with sturdy steel mesh and supported by well-secured fence post installation, chain link privacy fence uses vinyl slats woven into the mesh to block sightlines onto your property. This UV-resistant vinyl provides coverage similar to that from other popular privacy fence styles, often at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making it the right choice for those who want to enjoy their fence, not constantly repair it. 

Fence Installation Specialists

Chain link privacy fence post installation uses heavy-gauge steel posts anchored in concrete to provide a firm foundation for your fencing. Once the team is done installing chain link fence posts on the first day, we’ll wait a few days for the concrete to set. This gives us a chance to custom-build your gate while the concrete cures. Then we’ll stretch the steel mesh over your posts, hang your gate, and you’ll have a beautiful, protected yard. 

With decades of experience as a fence post company near you, we’ve built many of the enclosures you see every day. Contact us to talk to one of our experts and get a free estimate to fence your property. Create the yard you want with All American Fence Erectors. 

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