How to Clean Out Your Chain Link Gate Drop Rod Holder

How to Clean Out Your Chain Link Gate Drop Rod Holder

Are you having trouble locking your commercial or residential chain-link fence? If the rod won’t lower far enough into the ground, it’s time to clean the pipe holder.

The gate drop rod is an essential component that latches the gate in the center and can even provide home or commercial security when combined with a lock. But if the holder that secures it is caked with dirt and grime, the rod may not drop down far enough for you to insert the lock. If that’s the case, the dirt will need to be removed. For a complete visual demonstration of how to do this, refer to the video above.

Easy Cleaning Procedures

To clean out your chain-link gate drop rod holder, first slide the rod from its holder. Then clear any dirt and obstructions surrounding the holder and use a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers to wriggle it loose and pull it out of the ground. Then just use a hammer to knock the dirt out of the pipe. Finally, return it to its original location and tap it into the ground with your hammer a few times. Then slide the rod back into place.

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