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Adding Curb Appeal and Property Value to Your High Desert Home Using a Ranch Style Fence

Most homeowners in High Desert, CA live on at least a half acre of land, and a lot of them have some sort of security fencing or privacy chain link fencing in the backyard.  Not very many High Desert homes have decorative ranch style fences in the front yard, but more of them definitely should. Adding a decorative vinyl fence to your front yard landscaping plans will not only boost curb appeal but also add property value


The Aesthetics 


There are many options to choose from in regards to decorative fencing, and it really depends on your needs and the style of your home. Most of the houses in the High Desert are contemporary ranch style and are perfect for 2 or 3-rail ranch style vinyl. Vinyl ranch style fences go perfectly with our desert landscaping and are an affordable option when it’s time to stylize your front yard.  

Adding a decorative vinyl fence to your property adds a frame to your yard, and gives your property a sense of “place”.  It is very important, however, to make sure that any fencing you add goes with the style of your home and fits in with the neighborhood. Style and quality are very important things to take into consideration, as are professional installation and materials.


The Benefits


When it comes to curb appeal, lifespan, and affordability over time, vinyl ranch style fences are an excellent option. Vinyl does not rot or deteriorate like wood, and it never needs paint or sealing of any kind. Getting a good, high-quality vinyl fence is also very important, so make sure to hire a professional fence contractor with a good reputation to make sure you are getting the best fence for your money. As long as the decorative vinyl fence is installed properly, it should provide your home with decades of added beauty.  


All American Fence Erectors is the right choice for helping you decide what type of decorative fencing you need for your property.  We can help you choose the option that fits your home’s style and your budget. Please give us a call to set up a free consultation today.