Privacy Fence Landscaping

Privacy fence landscaping is an important part of keeping your home looking great while enhancing your security. Proper landscaping helps create an attractive yard and ensures pests and prowlers don’t have easy access to your property. 

Whether you’re planning on installing a chain link fence around a garden or pool, or you’re looking to add a ranch style fence around the entire perimeter of your property, the experts at All American Fence are ready to help. 

Sound, Secure Fencing

From a chain link privacy fence that looks great with outdoor lights to a vinyl ranch style fence that you can highlight with flowers or bushes, we’ll professionally install your posts to create a durable anchor point for the fencing material stretched between them. In the High Desert area, fences are subjected to inclement weather on a regular basis. That includes scorching sun, chilly nights, heavy winds, and the occasional torrential downpour.

Proper landscaping, including the addition of stones or wood chips around the fence, helps prevent erosion that may weaken your fence’s anchoring. It also makes it harder for animals or trespassers to gain access by limiting places to dig or hide. 

Call The Pros

At All American Fence Erectors, we’ve served the High Desert area’s residential, commercial, and civic fencing needs for over 35 years. Find out how affordable fencing for your property can be by speaking with one of our specialists to design a custom fence quote for your property’s needs. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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