Front Gates: Enhancing Curb Appeal and Security

A home is among the biggest lifetime investments. For many, it takes years of hard work and financial discipline to own a proper home. When you sacrifice this much to acquire an asset, it only makes sense to want to keep it neat and secure. In this blog, we discuss enhancing your property’s curb appeal and security by erecting a suitable front gate.

Why Curb Appeal and Security Are Important?

To understand how to enhance curb appeal, you must first know what it is. Curb appeal is the term realtors use to refer to the general attractiveness of a home or property. That includes the structure and your yard, including your front yard gate. An appealing exterior is important, especially when trying to sell your home because it makes a good first impression on the buyers. That increases your likelihood of getting faster and higher offers. Even if you don’t intend to sell your property, you sure enjoy the pride of welcoming guests into a nice-looking homestead with a magnificent front gate every often. 

The benefits of securing your home are rather straightforward. Who wants to invest their life savings in a property that’s easy to break into and rob? You want it to be as difficult as possible for a burglar to make away with your belongings. 

Types of Front Gates

Swing Gate

Double-swing front yard gate at a High Desert home

Swing gates have been around for a long time. When we talk about conventional gate design, we usually mean swing gates. Over time, more designs of swing gates have been created, making them even more appealing. If you have enough ground space for gates to swing open and close, a swing gate is a great choice for your property. They don’t require electronic elements, making them easy to operate and maintain. Because of this, they are more affordable than other alternatives. Sadly, they are highly susceptible to wind damage and offer less security than sliding front gates. 

Sliding Gate 

Automatic sliding front gate across a High Desert driveway

Sliding gates require you to slide them from one end to grant access. This design saves on space as you do not need a swing clearance. Moreover, modern sliding gates are so light that even children can push them open. Although sliding front yard gates are more secure and less prone to wind damage than swing ones, they require regular maintenance. The tracks need to be regularly cleaned and lubricated for easy operation. 

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Why You Need Front Gates on Your Property

Improved Security

For most homeowners, security is a top priority. It is probably the main reason you, as a homeowner, will install a gate. Having a fence around your property but a large open gap for your driveway does little for security. The gate will help keep trespassers, burglars, and other intruders away from your house. Although burglars can still climb in, barbed wire and razor wires make this harder and riskier. Only some commercial fences are allowed to have such deterrents though.

Other than intruders, properly installed front gates keep out unauthorized animals and vehicles. Also, they lock out animals and other pesky critters from your property, minimizing physical injuries, nuisance, and property damage. 

Besides restricting access, your front yard gate keeps your pets and children safely within your property. No matter how much they roam your lot, your pets and children will never go past a locked gate if your fence and gate are high enough, with little clearance. 

Due to the reduced risk of vandalism, theft, physical injury, and property damage within your fence, your insurance premiums will likely be lower. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

We all want our homes to look beautiful and unique. A well-designed front gate compliments your fence and your property's other architectural features. You could customize it to fit your taste, adding character and aesthetic charm to your compound and making it stand out among the rest. You could also incorporate landscaping into your gate design to enhance your front yard’s overall visual appeal. Including elements like decorative lighting, flowers, and climbing vines will achieve that. 

Also, you could play around with colors to make your fence more attractive. You could choose a front yard gate color that complements your home’s color. You could also go for a contrasting color.

Get Custom Front Gates From All American Fence

All American Fence has manufactured and installed gates within the High Desert Area for more than three decades. We strive to ensure that you get the size and quality of gates that suit your needs. Our experts are always happy to visit your site and help you develop brilliant front yard gate ideas that meet your preferences. Call us today for a free quote!

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