Comparing Different Styles of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence styles are popular because they represent an attractive option that’s easier to maintain than other residential fencing. Vinyl can also last decades in many cases, which certainly can’t be said of all fence types. But not all vinyl fences are the same, and it’s important to know what you’re shopping for. 

About Vinyl Fencing

First introduced in the 1980s, vinyl fencing is intended to provide a sturdier and more durable alternative to traditional fencing. Of course, the added strength comes at a cost. Though not as costly as certain metals like wrought iron or aluminum, vinyl does tend to cost more than wood, chain link, and other common fence types. This added expense, though typically worth it, must be taken into consideration when you’re shopping for your new fence. 

Types of Vinyl Fences 

Vinyl fence options are available in a variety of styles and configurations. For example, there are privacy vinyl fences and semi-private vinyl fences. Vinyl picket fences are also available.

However, one of the most popular vinyl fence styles, and the one we install for our clients in their desert homes, is the ranch-style vinyl fence. This is a type of post-and-rail fence that typically contains two, three or four rails. It provides the home with a classic homestead look and can last for many years. The best feature of this fencing is that it holds up against the desert heat, high winds, and other environmental factors unique to California’s High Desert. 

Privacy Vinyl Fencing 

Without a doubt, one of the most popular vinyl fence styles is our chain link fence with vinyl privacy slats. At All American Fence Erectors, we typically recommend this type of fencing as a cost-effective alternative to other privacy fence options.

They are rugged, virtually maintenance-free, and ideal for hot desert environments. Best of all, these privacy chain link fences are available in a range of colors and provide 95% coverage, so you can customize your fence to your liking and rely on total privacy. 


Are Vinyl Fence Styles Worth the Investment? 


Vinyl can be an excellent fencing choice for the right buyer, but you have to consider a few important factors: 


  • Is the aesthetic right for your home? 
  • Are you able to manage a higher upfront cost? 
  • Is vinyl superior to the alternatives when weighing all variables? 

If you can answer yes to all of the above, you may be in the market for a new ranch style vinyl fence. Our ranch-style vinyl looks incredible and can last a lifetime. We invite you to explore all of our chain-link and vinyl fence options, and then contact All American Fence, the High Desert’s top fence company.


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