New Fence Costs and Benefits

As you survey your property with your eyes, you feel proud of the slice of paradise you own, but something is missing. And the more you look around, the more you realize that the missing puzzle piece may be your very own fence. 

The reality is, adding a new fence to your residential or business property offers a multitude of benefits. Fencing, for example, can enhance your property’s value by giving it curb appeal and making it feel more secure. Plus, you can keep any items you have in your yard from being stolen. Installing fencing can also help you to define your space, thus preventing property-line squabbles with your neighbors.

The question is, though, what are the costs associated with a new fence

As a general rule of thumb, new fence costs depend on many factors, including the materials you choose for your fence, the length and height of your fence, and your labor costs. Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about new fence installation costs this year.

New Chain Link Fence Costs

A residential chain link fence generally costs between $8 to $20 per foot depending on how tall you decide to make your fence. (Chain link fences are usually between three feet and six feet high.) Thus, your fencing price could easily range from a few hundred dollars to more than a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your property and the height of your fence. 

You also have the option of installing what’s called a privacy chain link fence. This type of fencing provides 95% coverage, thus allowing you to enjoy more discretion than a traditional chain link fence would provide. If you choose the privacy chain link fence option, you can make your fence one of several colors, ranging from white to gray, tan, redwood tone, dark green, and dark brown.

Chain Link Fence Benefits

A core benefit of chain link fencing is that it is the most affordable fencing option available for homeowners and business owners today. This type of fencing is also very low maintenance and incredibly durable, as it is not very susceptible to damage brought about by harsh weather. Yet another benefit of chain link fencing is that it is relatively easy to repair when needed.

New Ranch-Style Vinyl Fence Costs

A ranch-style vinyl fence typically runs from $15 to $35 per foot. Thus, your fencing project could cost between $2,700 to more than $3,800 depending on your fence size. This type of fencing is available in white for a truly classic, sophisticated look on your property.

Ranch-Style Vinyl Fence Benefits

One of the major benefits of vinyl fencing is that it is beautiful; in fact, if you want your property to look like a premier country homestead, you can’t beat the look that vinyl fencing offers. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about painting or staining this type of fencing like you would a wood fence. And because vinyl isn’t prone to rotting, it usually lasts a long time and requires fewer repairs. In this way, a large amount of your new vinyl fence costs can easily be recouped over your fence’s lifetime.

Gate Addition Costs for New Fence Plus Benefits

If you’re interested in adding a gate to your property, then this may cost you at least a few hundred extra dollars on average. A gate can easily be custom built to suit your needs. For instance, a fence installer can add a walk-through gate for pedestrians or even a rolling or double-swing vehicle gate. A properly installed gate can immediately add functionality to your fencing, which is why homeowners embrace them.

Additional General New Fence Costs

As you explore new fence installation costs, it’s also important that you incorporate your labor costs into the equation as well. Most jobs usually break down to 30% labor and 70% material.  That’s a close rule of thumb to give you an idea on what to expect to pay for professional labor vs trying to DIY it.

Also, keep in mind that permits or inspections might be required for your fencing project. Your chosen fencing contractor can help you to navigate this requirement and let you know what the cost may be in your local municipality. 

Tap into the Many Advantages of Property Fencing This Year

If you’re considering installing a new fence on your property due to its privacy, beauty, value-adding, and security benefits, we at All American Fence Erectors can help. We possess more than three decades of experience installing both commercial and residential fences in the High Desert. 

When you choose us, you can be confident that we’ll provide you with a high-quality fence at competitive new fence installation costs. We’ll start out by giving you a free written estimate, then walk you through everything your new fence will cost. Then, once you sign a contract with us, we will schedule an installation start date, typically in 2-6 weeks.

Get your fence installed properly this summer with the help of All American Fence Erectors.


Chain Link Costs:

A chain link fence may cost you from $8 to $25/foot based on your fence height and length; this may translate to several hundred dollars to more than $1,500. Privacy chain link fencing available in several colors: 

  • White

  • Tan

  • Dark green

  • Gray

  • Redwood tone

  • Dark brown

Chain Link Benefits:

Chain link fencing is affordable, low maintenance, and easy to repair. Chain link fencing is also durable, standing strong even in harsh weather conditions and climates.

Vinyl Fence Costs: 

A ranch-style vinyl fence may run you from $15 to $35/foot; this may translate to between $2,000 and $4,000+ based on your desired fence height and size. Fencing available in white.

Vinyl Fence Benefits:

Vinyl fencing is beautiful, offering a classic homestead look for any property. Vinyl fencing is also:

  • Easy to maintain over the years

  • Unlikely to rot

  • Simple to repair as needed

Gate Installation and Other Costs:

A fence gate may run you a few hundred dollars and easily adds functionality to any fence. Other fencing costs to consider include labor expenses plus the costs of permits and inspections.

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