Understanding Your Professional Metal Fence Installation Quote

Deciding on a metal fence installation from All American Fence Erectors is a smart choice for your property family, and pets, because it ensures you’re getting a quality fence from the top fencing company in the High Desert area. Your fence installation quote is your key to making an informed financial decision about whether or not to proceed. It’s also part of the documentation you may need when discussing an impending install with your city permit office, homeowners association, or insurance carrier. While a necessary part of any job, chain link fence quotes aren’t always easy to understand if you don’t deal with them regularly, so let’s take a look at what goes onto your quote sheet and how to interpret that information.


The Purpose of Your Quote

Your quote sheet lays out our expected materials, specifying the heights, lengths, and amounts expected for the installation. In conjunction with the supplied diagram, this helps you review your city’s code to ensure compliance and lets your city’s permit department approve your permit application faster for cities that require a permit like Victorville and Adelanto.

Important Sections of Your Fence Installation Quote


  • The Top - The top of our claim form starts with our official letterhead, giving you or any reviewing authority the details they need to contact us for more information. It then continues with the address of the property and your pertinent contact information before listing the lengths, heights, and types of fencing needed. It also lays out the orientation of your fence if it’s 6-foot chain link and whether or not you will need to work with your city to obtain a permit.

  • The Estimates - The middle part of your metal fence installation worksheet offers itemized material on the fence components and their installation. Fabric refers to the thickness of the chain link mesh, as an example. It then continues with the needed hardware and the size of your custom gates. Finally, there is a total cost of materials and installation of your metal fence, deposit amount needed to begin schedule and begin work, and a final total.

  • The Legalese - The last section lays out payment terms, basic information about our possession of the requisite licenses, certifications, and insurance. It also stipulates that, while we will call dig alert to mark underground public utilities, however, private utility lines, pipes, or sprinklers that you don’t mark we can’t be held responsible for. Finally, there is an area for our representative to sign, verifying our offered quote and for you to sign to accept the quote for your new metal fence installation.


Contact Our Specialists Today

Do you still need help understanding your fence installation quote? We want you to feel confident and comfortable in making the decision to add value and security to your property with a new metal fence. Use our contact form on the website or call the number on the top of your quote, and we’ll be happy to walk you through every step of the process. Get the fence you, your family, and your pets deserve from All American Fence Erectors today.


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