Vinyl: The King of Ranch Style Fencing

Vinyl fencing has been a popular choice for the 21st-century homeowner who wants something other than a traditional looking barrier and who doesn't have a lot of time to devote to the maintenance of a fence. If you are a homeowner attempting to secure the privacy of your home, or simply want to make it more visually dazzling, then you need to consider installing ranch style vinyl fencing. There are several benefits of vinyl fencing you may not get from other types of fencing.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

In those areas where homes sit on larger land, vinyl fencing would be the most aesthetically pleasing option because it will give the home a ranch-style appearance. For this reason, vinyl fencing for homes in Apple Valley and Oak Hills would look great. Since a vinyl fence doesn't require repeat coats of paint over time and is not susceptible to termites, it's an affordable option in the long-term with virtually zero maintenance required. 

Vinyl is Better than Wood

Compared to a wood fence, vinyl ranch style fencing is much more flexible. Not only does vinyl fencing require much less maintenance as compared to wood fencing, but if you want to clean the fence, you simply spray it with water and any dirt will be dislodged easily due to the vinyl's non-porous and glossy surface. To keep your fence looking nice, clean the vinyl material with basic household products. 

Another benefit of vinyl fencing is that, since the material is the same color throughout it's depth, it doesn't require a coat of paint to keep it looking uniform, as would be required with other materials. Wood fencing will usually be susceptible to termite damage and fungus attacks as well, whereas a vinyl fence doesn't involve any such hassles. Since vinyl ranch style fencing doesn't absorb moisture, it will never rot either. This type of fence is also unlikely to crack or split.

Environmentally Friendly

After manufacturing, vinyl fencing is not treated with harmful chemicals and is therefore considered a non-toxic type of material. Vinyl can be recycled after it is no longer needed since natural gas is a major ingredient used in its composition. The beauty of a vinyl fence is that it can also be suited to any type of home whether it's a modern home, colonial style home, or a ranch.

Before beginning your hunt for the perfect ranch style fencing, it is important to ask yourself what your main goals are, whether it's privacy, security for children and pets, or better curb appeal. In recent years vinyl fencing has become popular as an alternative to wood fencing, and it’s easy to see why.

For a free estimate and to find out more about the benefits of vinyl fencing, contact All American Fence Erectors today. Along with Oak Hills and Apple Valley, we also provide vinyl fencing in Phelan as well as the rest of the High Desert.  Contact us today and one of our experienced professionals can guide you in the right direction if you would like to know more about the types of fencing we provide for your home or business.

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