4 Reasons to Choose a Chain Link vs Wooden Fence for Your High Desert Home

Installing the right fence around your property can not only increase curb appeal. It can also offer privacy and security. When selecting the right residential fencing options for your home, budget and taste shouldn’t be your only two determining factors.

If you own a property in the High Desert or surrounding areas and are unable to decide between a chain link vs wood fence, you’ve come to the right place! Here are four reasons why a chain link fence is far better choice for your home.


The cost of fencing your property depends on the type of fence and quality of materials you choose. Though there are different types of wooden and chain link fences to choose from, generally, a chain link fence will be far less expensive than a wooden fence covering the same area.


The High Desert climate can wreak havoc on certain fences, due to the cold winters and extremely warm summers. With these changes, wooden fences begin to wear down quickly, while metal chain link fences can remain immune to the elements for many years. That’s mainly because a wooden fence is a solid structure and provides a larger surface area to the elements, making it more vulnerable to damage. Furthermore, rot, mold, and termites can destroy wooden fences, no matter how the wood has been treated. To avoid these issues, a chain link vs a wood fence is your best residential fencing option!


As mentioned, a wooden fence is less durable than a chain link fence. To make matters worse, wooden fences require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in top shape! Note that treating, staining, and painting wood isn’t cheap, which can make installing and maintaining a wooden fence very expensive in the long run. A chain link fence on the other hand is a zero-maintenance fence, especially in such a low humidity climate like ours.


A wooden fence definitely offers more privacy than a standard chain link fence, but we offer a perfect solution known as a privacy chain link fence, which is a chain link fence with slats. Alternatively, you can go for a normal chain link vs a wood fence and grow trees and bushes along the perimeter of your property to ensure privacy. Our privacy chain link fences offer 98% privacy and come with larger diameter posts, as well as posts that are closer together with a larger diameter top rail to ensure it holds up to the High Desert climate.


No matter what type of fence you go for, installing one is costly. As such, think twice before deciding on the tresidential fencing option you wish to install so you don’t end up wasting your time and money on the wrong one! We have been serving the High Desert and surrounding areas for over 30 years, providing solutions to your fencing needs in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Oak Hills, Phelan, Barstow, and more! To learn more about chain link vs wood fencing, call us and find out why we are considered the best of the High Desert!

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