• dog standing in a fenced in yard

The Best Dog Fencing Options

When you love your pet, you need to make sure you’re using the dog fencing options that give them the safety and security they need. The best pet fence is one that keeps them safely inside the perimeter, protecting them from their own curiosity and tendency to wander, while also keeping feral and aggressive animals away from them to avoid fights that could potentially lead to injuries and infection. The first step to creating a safer yard is understanding what to look for in a pet fence.


Keys to Effective Fencing


  • Gap-Free - When looking at dog fencing options, make sure you’re getting a professionally-installed fence that is suitable for keeping your pet in the yard. Wider slats or large gaps around gates can allow easy escape opportunities. 

  • Tall Enough to Discourage Jumping - If your pet can easily vault the fence, then it won’t keep them in. For smaller, well-trained, or less athletic animals, standard chain link fence is often sufficient. Larger animals and proficient jumpers may need a taller fencing option.

  • Designed to Prevent Digging - If your pooch is a tunneler, you’ll need to take measures to prevent your dog from digging. The good news is there are ways to make fencing less susceptible to this kind of escape attempt, including anchors, mow strips, and impediments.  While we don’t offer these added measures to help prevent digging, we can refer you to contractors that do these type of ground barriers.

  • Resistant to Damage - The best pet fence not only has to stand up to the High Desert elements, it needs to stand up to teeth and claws too. Even if your dog isn’t a chewer, strays, coyotes, and other wildlife might be.

  • Low Maintenance - A fence should make your life easier and more secure, not force you to spend your free time in upkeep. You want dog fencing options you can depend on for the foreseeable future. 

The Best Dog Fences

Once you understand your needs, it’s easier to pick the right fence for your dog. We proudly offer two great options.

  • Chain Link Fence - Custom chain link fencing is cost-effective and reliable. The galvanized steel mesh is resistant to both elemental and animal damage, requires almost no maintenance, and if professionally installed, is a sturdy, dependable way to create a physical barrier around your yard. Various heights are available, and it can be constructed to fit the natural contours of your land for better security.

  • Privacy Chain Link Fence - The best pet fence for both security and privacy, this fence uses stronger poles and mesh with colored vinyl slats woven in to give you a durable fencing option that blocks sightlines. If your dog frequently barks at neighbors, cars down the block, or another dog three streets over only it can see, this can help curb the behavior. It’s one of the most popular dog fencing options and will look great on your property for years to come. 

If you’d like to know more about adding a dog fence to your property, fill out the contact form on our website and set a time to speak with one of our specialists. They’ll go over the fencing options for your property, talk to you about the right fit for you and your pooch, and give you a no-obligation quote so you can see exactly how affordable a safe space for your furry loved one is. Protect your pet with All American Fence Erectors today.