Choosing a Custom Chain Link Gate for Your Residential Fence

Your new fence is only as secure as its custom chain link gate. Residential fence gates are often the weak part in a fence, with gaps that can allow animals through or misaligned hinges that make opening or closing the gate difficult. As part of out professional fence installation services, however, we’re proud to offer custom gates that enhance your chain link fence. Adding the right gate can make sure you have the perfect fence for your needs. 


Types of Gates


We create every custom chain link gate in our workshop, so we know we’re giving you a gate that meets your fence’s exact specifications. We offer several types of custom gates to ensure a secure closure of just about any reasonable fence gap. 


  • Single Swing - This classic gate style is about as simple as it gets. The 4-foot walk-through gate is a standard of chain link fence construction, although larger sizes are also available. It is quite simply a fence panel on a hinge anchored to a steel post. 

  • Double Swing - For larger openings up to 18-feet, such as those needed to pull a trailer or RV into a yard, a double-swing custom chain link gate provides plenty of space at a reasonable cost. This kind of gate uses two swinging panels with a mirrored gate installation so they open in the middle. 

  • Rolling - These residential fence gates are popular for people who regularly need to pull vehicles through their fence, such as when the gate crosses your drive. Often fitted with a remote opener, it rolls out of the way, then rolls closed again.

  • Double Rolling - A double rolling custom chain link gate is perfect for extremely large openings. Both sides can be rolled open at once to create a large gap that can be resecured easily. 

Choosing the Right Gate

Selecting the right gate for your needs is often based on the size of the opening already in place. For existing fencing, our specialist will visit and take precise measurements. For new fences, part of the planning process is adapting the custom chain link gates we’ll build to your needs. A single swing gate is 4-6 feet wide, while a double swing offers a corresponding 12-18 feet. Rolling gates of up to 20 feet are available, and for openings beyond that, a double rolling can give you a massive 40-foot entrance to use. 

Getting a new custom chain link gate starts with filling out our online contact form or giving us a call at (760) 948-2428. One of our specialists will make an appointment to visit with you about your fencing needs and the gate’s intended use. Measurements will be taken, and you’ll get a free, no-obligation quote so you know exactly what your gate options are and what they’ll cost. Contact All American Fence Erectors to get started on your custom gate today.

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