Unique Challenges for Chain Link Fence Maintenance in California’s High Desert

Fence maintenance isn’t often required on a quality chain link fence installation. Because of the way our fences are installed and the durable materials they’re made from, they don’t require the level of attention other types, such as wooden privacy fencing, do to maintain their appearance and structural integrity. There are, however, some actions you may want to take to ensure it stays looking great for years to come.

Inspect Your Fence Regularly

For smaller installations, this “fence maintenance” procedure can be no more than looking out your back window. Even with smaller fences, however, you should walk the fence line every few months to ensure there aren’t any issues requiring fence repair. Make sure that the ground at the base of your fence hasn’t eroded away, leaving a gap animals can enter or leave through. Check that there are no signs of tampering or obvious damage. After a significant event that has caused damage, such as a falling tree, contact your professional about fence replacement or repair options. Don’t forget to call your insurance agent to see if it may be covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Clean Your Fence as Needed

The galvanized steel in your fence resists rust, so this fence maintenance step can take as little as a garden hose. Just spray it off to remove dirt and dust. If there is mud or other detritus dried onto it, a brush and mild soap, much like you would use on a car, can be used to scrub it clean, then rinse with water.

Clear Your Gate Area

Gates can take a little more care than other parts of your fence. Squeaky gates can be fixed with the application of a small amount of lubricant. Just spray on or apply a bit of oil and work the gate back and forth to keep the hinge moving freely. Latches that have been bent by impact or strong winds can often be bent back into the proper shape with a pair of pliers. If it’s a common occurrence, the addition of an anchoring spike to the gate can help brace it. For rolling gates, fence maintenance should include clearing debris from the track for smoother operation. Gate openers should be maintained according to their manufacturer’s instructions.

Contact Us Before Maintenance Becomes a Problem

In many cases, when chain link fails it’s not because of a surprise, rather it’s because of an issue that has been put off too long without attention. If you do notice any signs of damage during your fence maintenance, potential weak spots, or areas that need expert attention, contact us as soon as possible while it can still be repaired without replacement.

WIth a little care and attention, your chain link fencing can last for decades. If you need to talk to one of our specialists, fill out the contact form on our website or call us at (760) 948-2428. At All American Fence Erectors, we’re proud to stand behind our professionally installed fencing.

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