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Why You Need to Install a Privacy Chain Link Fence

A privacy chain link fence is a popular option for people looking for a fence for their property. If you want to add privacy slats to your existing chain link fence and modify your current fence for added privacy, increased security, or change of appearance, it is possible to do so. However, for guaranteed improvements to your current fence, it is best to install a pre-manufactured privacy chain link fence. The reasons behind this are simple and will save you a lot of money in the long term:

  • Adding privacy slats to your existing fence may seem like a quick-fix that will get the job done in the present, but inserting the slats leads to an added wind load on the framework of your existing fence, leading to the possibility of it bowing or even blowing down completely. Because the original chain link fence is not built to take on the extra load that the privacy slats add, anything you save in the present will lead to future expenses when you will be required to fix a damaged fence.  This is extremely important to keep in mind for High Desert residents, where strong winds are common.
  • Although they are a great way to add privacy to your existing fence, privacy slats don’t guarantee the extent of privacy you may be looking for. On the other hand, a pre-manufactured privacy link fences offers 98% privacy guarantee due to the intricate mesh structure.
  • A pre-manufactured privacy chain link fence is built using a thicker gauge wire, a sturdier top rail and stronger posts. All of this means your money will be better spent on a longer-lasting fence instead of on a quick solution that will likely need replacement in the near future.

Benefits of a Privacy Link Fencing:


The most obvious benefit is for people who want to add privacy to their homes or commercial spaces. Among homeowners, a privacy chain link fence will be suited for people with small children or pets. If you live in a busy neighborhood, this type of fence will guarantee privacy. It can also be used to fence off a swimming pool in your backyard. 

-Cost Effective-

Privacy chain link fences tend to last longer when compared to a wooden fence. Another benefit of this type of fence is that it requires no maintenance and tends to be very long lasting, making it a great investment for people on a budget as well. 

-Fast Installation-

A privacy chain link fence can be installed relatively quickly. The process is simple and once you have received an estimate from your fencing contractor and the contract has been signed, you need to schedule a start date. Soon after starting, your brand new privacy chain-link fence will be up in no time.

If you are thinking about installing a new fence, the privacy chain link fence might be the perfect fit for your needs. To find out more about this fence and how you can improve your current chain link fence, call All American Fence Erectors today for free consultation.

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