Why You Need to Install a Privacy Chain Link Fence

For those that appreciate privacy within their property, installing a privacy chain link fence is an easy choice. While some do choose to install a privacy fence fresh off the manufacturing line, you should know that you can also choose to add privacy strips for a chain-link fence already installed on your property, too. When you install a privacy chain link fence you increase your home’s security, enhance its appearance, and give yourself and your family that lovely little feeling of extra solidarity. 



Benefits of Choosing to Install a Privacy Fence




The privacy brought on by installing a privacy fence is the most obvious benefit. Homeowners with small children or pets will find privacy fencing very valuable, especially those living in busier neighborhoods that would like more seclusion. Many property owners will also choose to install a privacy fence surrounding their swimming pool to separate the swimming area from the rest of the yard, or from the street.


Cost Efficiency


Privacy chain link fences tend to last longer than wooden fences. Another benefit of installing a privacy fence is that long-term maintenance is minimal due to the durable way privacy fencing is built. Installing privacy fencing is a great investment for those looking to save money in the long-term. 


Quick Turnaround Time 


Luckily, the process of installing a privacy fence is quick and simple. Once your fencing company has sent you an estimate and a contract has been agreed upon, the process of installation is streamlined and efficient. The turnaround time for privacy fencing is designed so you can enjoy your privacy fence as soon as possible. 


Maximize Your Return on Investment with a New Privacy Fence



There are many reasons installing a privacy fence rather than adding privacy strips for a chain-link fence can save you money in the future.


  • Privacy strips for a chain-link fence may add some privacy to the property, but may not provide the extent of privacy you may be looking for. When you install a new privacy fence, 95%-98% of the yard flank is covered by the more intricate mesh.

  • Adding privacy strips to a chain-link fence can be a quick-fix, but inserting these slats can lead to an added load on the pre-existing framework of the fence. That framework isn’t built to take on the extra load of the stripe so it’s easy for the fence to bend over time, or collapse completely due to inclement weather. 

  • Money is better spent on a longer-lasting structure rather than the quick fix that adding privacy strips to a chain-link fence provides. Save money on replacement parts and instead choose to install a privacy fence built using thicker gauge wire, sturdier top rails, and stronger posts. 


Add Privacy to Your Property with All American Fence Erectors

If you’re contemplating whether or not you’d like to install a privacy fence, know that privacy chain-link fences are usually an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property. To find out more about installing a privacy fence or how you can improve your current chain-link fence, call All American Fence Erectors today for a free consultation.

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