Why You Should Hire Professionals to Install Your Privacy Fence

Adding a privacy chain link fence can be a great way to increase the value, eye-appeal, and security of your property, but you want to make sure your privacy fence installation is done by a professional fence company. While some people may choose to DIY their privacy fence or simply modify an existing chain link fence, this could end in both damage to your property and a fence that is visually unappealing. Let’s take a look at the benefits of working with a top fence company to create a safer, more private yard for your belongings and loved ones.

Cost-Effective Privacy

Chain link creates a great value as a privacy fence installation. It offers comparable coverage to other privacy fence options, often at a fraction of the cost with nearly no maintenance needed. Anchored by heavy-duty steel poles, the galvanized mesh is resistant to damage from the elements and wild animals. UV-resistant vinyl slats are woven into the mesh, creating a visual barrier that can be hosed off to clean as necessary.

Choosing A Professional Fence Company

For chain privacy fence, professional fence installation is always recommended because proper privacy fence installation needs to account for several considerations to be effective.

  • Increased Strength is Needed - If you’ve lived in the High Desert for very long, you’re familiar with the effects of high winds. Chain link privacy fence creates a more solid surface area that presents a flat target, necessitating stronger mesh and poles that are anchored firmly to resist damage. Experienced installers understand the loads your fence will be under and are better able to make sure the fence is ready for them. 

  • Tighter Gaps - DIY fences are often one-size-fits-most. When we design a fence, every bit is planned out to ensure that your privacy fence is tight and functional. We custom build gates to make sure you maintain solid coverage, while still having an easy access point to use when needed.

  • Works with Your Land - Part of our design process includes considering the land used for your privacy fence installation. Every property has different contours to either work around or work with, and as a professional fence company, we can help ensure your privacy, security, and the land’s natural beauty are maintained. 

  • Fast Installation - When you DIY, you’re working around your already busy schedule. Fences are our schedule. From contract signing to completed fence can be a matter of just weeks.

Getting Your Fence Started

Ready to have a professionally-installed privacy fence protecting your yard? It all starts with a call to our customer specialists or with filling out the contact form on our website. We’ll set a time for one of our fencing experts to visit you, talk about your fencing needs, and prepare a free, no-obligation quote that helps you understand your options. Give your family a better yard with a privacy fence installation from All American Fence Erectors today.

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